INETEC-Institute for Nuclear Technology

INETEC-Institute for Nuclear Technology

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INETEC-Institute for Nuclear Technology is active in permanent programs of research, development, design, construction and fabrication of equipment, tools, plugs and probes, including software and instruments for nondestructive examinations and other service activities at nuclear power plants, as well as, at thermal and hydro power plants and at other industrial applications. INETEC is the leading company in the fields of the nuclear science backed by more than 25 years of personal experience in Pre-Service Inspection and In-Service Inspection. It is one of the most successful service companies for nuclear power plants and manufacturer of related equipment for nondestructive examinations.
Our product range features robotics, scanners, controllers, software, probes and plugs that are strictly tested in our well-equipped laboratory. Our software is used for
- controlling robots and manipulators
- performing automated inspections with eddy current or ultrasound techniques
- signal processing, automatically analyzing eddy current data
- managing and monitoring inspection progress
Our goal is to deliver an efficient, reliable and cost-effective product that meets our customers' requirements. Therefore, R&D plays an essential role in our company, as a result of which our high quality products are developed.
Our scope of services is related to nuclear inspection, encompassing reactor pressure vessel, reactor pressure vessel head, steam generators, balance of plant and primary coolant circuit pipelines and components inspection, along with fossil and other applications. In addition to that, we conduct repair actions, trainings, various engineering studies, as well as consultancy through all phases of a nuclear power plant project.

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