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KING ICT is the leading systems integrator in Croatia and neighboring countries.

The company, founded in 1998 with headquarters in Zagreb, began as a distributor of computers and computer equipment, and over the years expanded its portfolio to complete IT and business solutions and consulting services, design, development, construction, management, improvement and maintenance of information and communication systems, as well as education services for the use thereof.

KING ICT has expanded its business throughout the region – offices were opened in Sarajevo, (Bosnia and Herzegovina), then in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2007, and finally in Skopje (FYR of Macedonia) in 2008.

Today KING ICT has more than 250 employees, 40 of which are in the regional companies. The employees have generally a university degree and are of average age under 35. The company strives to develop the culture of innovativeness and proactive approach, and to increase its business productivity through constant investment into education and expert training on international level as well as cooperation with domestic and international agencies (MUP, NSA, (ISC)2, ISACA, CERT).

During last 12 years KING ICT is recognized as a company focused on results, quality and as a key partner in doing business.

Quality Management System in KING ICT is based on applying the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

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Microsoft Partner
Gold Application Development
Gold Server Platform
Gold Volume Licensing
Silver Data Platform
Silver Devices and Deployment
Silver Management and Virtualization
Silver Midmarket Solution Provider
Silver OEM
Silver Software Asset Management