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    General - Applicable to All, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Retail
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The company BADURINI Ltd. has competencies to integrate high-tech solutions for companies in various types of industry, and thus significantly improve business operations, gaining a strategic advantage over your competition. In addition to the functionality and integration, our task is to achieve a perfect combination of application universality with innovation technologies, which results in easier introduction of application solutions in production.

Main activities are:

- Information system integration
- Small business IT consulting
- Technical support for servers and network equipment
- Software asset management - Licensing
- Design and implementation of computer systems based on Microsoft operating systems.
- Maintenance and service of computer systems.
Implementation and adjustment of Microsoft applications for users.
- Business application on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

IT system integration for hospitals and private clinics.

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Competencies & Certifications

Microsoft Partner
Silver Midmarket Solution Provider
Silver OEM
Silver Software Asset Management