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InfoDom Group, based in Zagreb, is expanding its business both regionally and towards western countries. InfoDom Sarajevo Ltd has been operating since December 2007, InfoDom Bruxelles is since 2008 and InfoDom SEE (Belgrade) since 2011. Besides cooperating with our own local companies, we also cooperate with local partners on implementation, improvement and adjustment of our and our partners' products and services to local markets. At the same time we also work on joint export products on other markets.

InfoDom Group is also active in the education field especially through ILBA (International leadership business academy) and European conference on business processes and knowledge management.

Increasing number of organisations are becoming aware that the e-business or business in the conditions of the New economy is the only way to go for sustainable growth and progress. Concepts such as: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Competence enters, Call Centres, Front Desk, Back Office, Help Desk are becoming powerful cutting edge in the competitive market, and success in general. InfoDom recognizes great challenge in support to its clients on developing and applying these concepts and perfecting key business processes.

In compliance with our mission, vision and strategy we develop the following competence centres:

- telecommunications
- traffic (all kinds of traffic individually, integral traffic management)
- space (GIS, Spacial Units)
- finances (including public finances as well)
- public procurement
- e-Government: development of new models of the state authority operations

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