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Software Asset Management Service

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  • Service Type:

    Consulting, Professional Service
  • Business Need:

    Compliance, Software Licensing
  • Works With:

    Configuration Manager, Essentials, Microsoft Assessment and Planning, Microsoft Systems Management Server, All Versions
  • Industry Focus:

    General - Applicable to All

Software Asset Management Service offers discovering what software your organization has in use. SAM engagement can efficiently and accurately give your organization a snap shot of where you are over-licensed and where you are under-licensed product by product.

Badurini licensing specialists will help you in automated software discovery and licensing knowledge.

Badurini can recommend free and commercial solutions if no discovery tool is currently deployed in your environment.

Customers benefit from this service in several ways:

- Avoid over purchasing licenses
- Gain a wealth of IT inventory and operational data during the SAM Baseline process
- Easier planing and performing upgrade and migrations.

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