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CITUS d.o.o.

Microsoft Office 365 Implementation and Licensing

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Office 365 enables companies and organizations to reduce IT costs and risks by providing cloud productivity solution that simplifies IT management and provides virtually anywhere access to familiar Office tools, email, file sharing, conferencing, and many more services.
NOTE: Office 365 Edu is free of charge for qualified educational institutions - contact us to help you with implementation - we can offer competitive prices and (often) free implementation!

Our Implementation Team have more than 8 year of experience in implementing Microsoft on-line services (Live Meeting, Live@Edu, now Office 365) both for commercial and educational sector.

As Software Development Company we can provide you with custom solution built on top of Microsoft Office 365 platform and integrate it into your existing infrastructure and applications!

Complete list of services are here:
- Cloud-based professional email
- Video conferencing and IM
- Share files inside and outside your organization
- Easy and secure administration
- Financially backed reliability
- Predictable monthly costs with no up-front infrastructure costs

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