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Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX

by TVH Consulting

Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX (ADAX) targets companies wishing to expand their Business through various sales channels, such as the web, nomad or in-house sales force, contact centers, stores or specialized distribution networks, mass distribution.

The sales channel diversity is a very positive accelerator to increase the sales turnover, but only if the company can face this generated complexity.
Upstream, the marketing policies are segmented more and more by customers, channels and products. Pricing, promotions, packaging, even product alternatives have to answer each and every of these segments. Lack of coherence in the data or the business logic can thus have a huge impact on the image and the quality assurance of the company, with financial consequences.

Downstream, company’s logistic faces an increasing flow of products, sometimes overwhelming, coming from more and more suppliers and going out towards customers. Packaging and delivery conditions are diversifying. These new customer terms of delivery and packaging must be taken into consideration on a day to day basis to provide the same level of service than for the traditional channels.

-Retail_Distribution : ADAX makes customer management simple with a single, unified solution that manages customer hierarchies, advanced pricing and advanced discounting. Our module enables you to centralize all your customer management tools, including: customer coupons, promotions management, customer contracts, customer bonuses, customer rebates, item classification and multiple barcode management.

-Mail order management : You can streamline this process by reducing order entry time thru our contact center screen. It enables diarizing of sales orders and quotations, management of customer details, and the ability to manage your catalogs and marketing initiatives. Additionally, you can manage kits and special items, sponsors, complaints and competitors’ items. That spells order management integration and efficiency.

- Warehouse Management System and Automated data capture
- Transport management system
- Multi Channel Integration with Web site or POS

- Supply Chain: ADAX simplifies the process by allowing you to handle vendor contracts, vendor bonuses and rebates, and vendor back orders all in one centralized location. Our solution manages advanced shipping notices and supplier reminders, automates cross-docking and allows you to control your vendor managed inventory (VMI).

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