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BIDS by Performa Solutions

by Performa Solutions Ltd Pty

We help organisations bridge the gap between business planning, execution and success. We provide solutions for Corporations and Government that enable them to better manage, plan and control their organisation while ensuring full accountability and visibility into the decision making process. To this end we have developed our own Microsoft .NET based application BIDS that supports complex business process though:
• Web Based Forms
• Sophisticated Workflow Engine
• Security at field level by Workflow Step
• Integration Components to other systems
• Business Rules for Validation and Control
• Reporting Tables for Reporting and Analysis
• Integration with Reference and Master Data
With BIDS you can rapidly replace your current manual or semi-manual process with a sophisticated web-based application that reduces error, improves quality, integrity and timeliness of your processes with full auditability and reporting and analysis requirements.
BIDS has been used for the following types of applications:
• Enterprise Budgeting and Planning
• Position and Employee Planning
• Capital Planning
• Project Reporting
• Strategic and Performance Measurement
• Cash Management
• Compliance Management
• Data Collection and Reporting Applications

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