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BatchMaster Software, Inc.

BatchMaster Product Management

by BatchMaster Software, Inc.

BatchMaster Product Management provides the formulation and / or production functionality required as a stand-alone application, or with integration to Tier I or other systems.

Features include:

- Inventory has basic master records with costs and quality assurance tests, but no multi-location inventory management.
- Quality Control allows the user to record appropriate tests against inventory items and formulas. The plus version allows in-process testing.
- Formulation provides all the functionality of BatchMaster ERP Formulation, including version control, material substitutions and more.
- Bill of Materials defines a finished good or end-item by combining a fill-level of a specific formula with the required packaging.
- Process Cell Capacity Management allows assignment of preferred work centers. Plus option uses this this for rough-cut production capacity planning.
- Laboratory allows for the design of formulas to physical properties. Import from USDA and other databases.
- Costing lets you re-formulate to specific cost targets. Combine formulas and BOMs to create new product possibilities.
- Material Safety Data sheets can be printed for any material or formula.
- Production Management can be added to provide a stand-alone formulation and production environment.
- Sample Request Management can also be added for project control.

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