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Scalable Data Systems Pty Ltd

Contract Management & Commodity in Dynamics AX

by Scalable Data Systems Pty Ltd

Making the right purchasing decisions requires the right information. Yet the complexity of contract management often results in companies storing contract information in isolated or offline systems.

This solution helps Commodity Trading, Distribution and Manufacturing organisations manage the sourcing, price and quality of raw material/commodities, and their associated contracts, which could otherwise cause disruptions in the supply chain. This solution provides transparent, real time information to fuel decision making.

These include:

• Tracking of Costs
• Higher visibility of and access to contract details
• Shipment and Movement of Commodities
• Quality Adjustments

An organisation may buy (and sell) raw materials and/or commodities under predetermined contract terms as well as is responsible for the shipping and delivery of the commodities.

There should be risk strategies in place to manage overall exposure to the market volatility. These strategies can include hedging their physical position on exchange traded futures market and covering their foreign exposure position with forward foreign exchange contracts. Risk Management is key to providing financial control and driving profitability for a trading organisation.

This solution provides access to up to date Contract, Logistics and Risk Management information inside Dynamics AX. Allocation and accrual of all additional cost information associated with contracts and shipments improves the flow of information from trading and logistics to the financial department.

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