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EView/400i for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

by EView Technology, Inc.

EView/400i Management for SCOM Management Pack integrated into SCOM, incorporates the management and automated monitoring of IBM AS/400s (iSeries) as a fully managed SCOM node. SCOM and EView/400i together, provide the automated tools to resolve management issues which often directly affect an organization’s bottom line, while increasing the value of IT Operations to the business.

- Health Monitoring for AS/400 Systems and Jobs.
- Performance Monitoring -Monitor CPU usage, disk usage, ASP, response time, Job and Output queues and more
- Proactive problem detection and resolution via two-way TCP/IP communication with the AS/400 to resolve problems quickly and automatically. Message buffering provided to ensure message delivery in the event of communication failure
- AS/400 Audit Journal monitoring -real-time monitoring as events occur
- Status summary provided via SCOM 2012 Dashboard specific to AS/400.
- Reporting
- The EView/400i agent Message Filters extract messages specified by the administrator from the message queues and sends to the server component where it is processed as defined by the rules and monitors contained in the MP. Performance data is collected and stored in the data warehouse.

Included are over 150 pre-defined rules to generate alerts for various important AS/400 messages and performance thresholds. As with other SCOM alerts, EView/400i makes it easy to customize discovered resources and override severities and thresholds for your environment’s specific needs.

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