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GP VAT Controller for Indonesia Tax Rule


With changes in tax laws of the VAT tax and the transaction at each company develops more growth and more advanced, especially in :
-the growth of large transactions,
-the difficulty in controlling the opening of the tax invoices and tax reporting,
-making reconciliation of VAT to take a long time,
-need people who do so much to make the job to be inefficient
-and hard on the controls.

With GP VAT Controller module, then all the difficulties mentioned above becomes :
-easy to do,
-purchase invoices and sales tax can be controlled with certainty by the system,
-printing invoices directly through the sales tax
-and VAT tax reporting can be a direct link with e-SPT VAT from the tax office

By using GP VAT Controller module, then every company would save quite a lot of costs, ranging from employee cost, time, tax penalties, loss due to VAT IN unreported damage.

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