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Tectura Indonesia

Life Sciences Validation and Verification Toolkit

by Tectura Indonesia

Ensure that your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has clear user requirements that define the intended use of the system and that these are strictly upheld over time.

Validation and Verification is required by the FDA for today’s highly regulated life sciences organizations.
Validating your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Implementation with the Tectura Validation Toolkit will help you:

- Reduce your risk
- Streamline the ERP validation process
- Reduce validation time and costs
- Achieve clarity, accountability and continuity for your ERP software validation

One toolkit incorporates key software validation document templates with best practice guides and educational videos that provide your organization with the tools to rapidly validate your ERP solution. The Tectura Validation Toolkit helps you establish how much validation your organization requires.

The Tectura Validation Toolkit walks you through every step of the validation process with flexible templates and testing protocols based on GMP functionality and our methodology can ensure your systems remain in a validated state over time.

Tectura provides solutions and services for Microsoft Dynamics worldwide. Please go to our website to find a location nearest to you.

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