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MachPanel Hyper-V - Microsoft Hyper-V Control Panel

by MachSol, Inc.

MachPanel Hyper-V enables services providers to experience virtualization arena. Now you offer your clients VPS Hosting with tremendous benefits and robust management controls that maximize your revenue.

MachPanel Hyper-V introduces next generation VPS Control Panel that empowers you to experience state of the art virtualization solution for all of your cloud management need. Now with MachPanel Hyper-V module you can offer Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Virtualization solution enabling Web Hosts to automate VPS provisioning, management via next-gen feature rich web based control panel.

With MachPanel Hyper-V, you get controls in your figure tips for provisioning and management of private and public cloud on top of windows server 2012 hyper-v based clusters with live and quick migration capabilities.

Following are some of the benefits of MachPanel Hyper-V module:

- MachPanel Hyper-V ensures complete VPS isolation and system updates
- Dedicated resources can be allotted to each VPS with few clicks
- It is cost-effective virtualization solution with maximum control
- MachPanel Hyper-V module helps you to automate VPS provisioning, management and billing
- Comes up with next-generation easy to use and feature rich web based control panel
- MachPanel reduces support queries to more than 80%.

Following are some of the features of MachPanel Hyper-V module:

- VPS Provisioning and Management Controls
- Hyper-V 2012 Cluster Support NEW!
- Snapshot Management
- Live & Quick Migration on Cluster NEW!
- Sealed Images Handling
- IP & DNS Management
- VLanID & Virtual Switch Management
- VPS Service Plan Management
- Ability to Add/Edit/Remove System Resources
- Self-service controls via sophisticated control panel for:
- Pre-integrated billing, monitoring and reporting tools
- Single control panel and login to manage hosted services like Exchange and CRM etc.

Moreover, by using MachPanel Hyper-V you can make use of other Microsoft technologies right in one place beyond traditional web hosting.

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