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Performance Management


BI software to meet your needs – dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards, reports, ad-hoc analysis, and alerts and report scheduling. Use Zap Business Intelligence to gain insight across multiple business systems and drive your business to achieve a competitive advantage.

Focus your company on performance: Provide a clear, consistent view of corporate information to help all your employees make better decisions and improve performance. Proactively detect and alert the team about potential issues at the earliest possibly stage. Go beyond reports that tell you what happened to ask why – find out the reasons behind performance and use this insight to improve.

Unite data from different core areas: Provide a central, visible overview of the entire company, uniting data from multiple business systems such as your ERP, CRM, payroll, point-of-sale, and bespoke systems. See how any part of your business is performing, and remove conflicting versions of data.

Achieve consistency: Business Analytics lets you create metrics and reports once, then export and re-use them anywhere inside or outside your organization, regardless of different data sources. This means you can finally achieve reporting and analysis consistency across business units, regions, and companies - no matter what source systems are used.

Automate and improve reporting: Drastically reduce the time your team spends on monthly and management reporting, and free up more time to perform strategic analysis that will make a difference to the bottom line. Automate your reporting workflows, and ensure that all reporting is done from a central, online location.

Improve decision-making: Throughout your organization, decisions are made every day. But how informed are they? Are your employees relying on a little bit of data and a lot of gut instinct? Make performance information pervasive and ensure that facts form the foundation of solid decisions.

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