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Scalable Data Systems Pty Ltd

Advanced Credit Management For Microsoft Dynamics AX

by Scalable Data Systems Pty Ltd

Scalable’s Advanced Credit Management has been specifically designed to work with the Accounts Receivable Module in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Currently within Microsoft Dynamics AX if a customer’s trading terms are breached, for example their credit limit is exceeded, a warning is displayed on the screen but processing may continue. The Advanced Credit Management module puts a ‘hold’ on customer processing if:
- The customer’s credit limit is exceeded;
- The customer has overdue transactions.
The Customer Credit Management component of the module reduces customer credit risk and supports fast credit control review and authorisation.
If an attempt is made to post a sales order, and one of these conditions is encountered, a reference will be logged to a new credit control table, and the posting process is aborted. A view has been created to allow the credit controller to see these exceptions as they occur and to manage their ‘Release’.
Key features of the customer credit management component:
- Greater administrative control is achieved over customer processing.
- Posting is aborted if a trading term is breached, and logged in a credit control table.
- Exceptions logged in the credit control table are displayed in latest to oldest date.
- The ability to ‘release’ orders for processing is limited to a defined user group.
- A feature key has been created called ‘Customer Credit Release’. This feature key limits access to the credit control view.
Key features of the customer credit claims management component:
- When claims are identified they are transferred into a separate account for easy identification, investigation and processing.
- Allows account receivable open transaction accounts to reflect accurate customer balances.
- Claims are entered as part of the cash receipt allowing a single point of entry.

When a sales order fails a credit check at a posting attempt the user will receive a message display
similar to that below and the order is referred to credit control.

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