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aKite for Retail Stores

by BEDIN Shop Systems

aKite is the first POS and In-Store SaaS designed to take full advantage from a modern Platform like Windows Azure.

The aKite suite components are:

- aKite Retail Web Services, is an intelligent Hub connecting Store with HQ and partners, sharing data and also radically simplifying stores IT. A login and password on a web page is enough to start sales after few minutes in a new location or after a hardware failure.

- is the Front Store Smart Client. A compact SQL database assure fast operations even in disconnected mode.

- is the Back-Store Smart Client for product data and warehouse management, replenishment, statistics, data import / export, label printing … General, customer and product dashboards gives an immediate vision of the business status. gives also a visions of the whole chain.

- aDI (aKite Document Interchange) allows simple integration with ERPs and also the near-real-time update of a data warehouse with sales coming from all stores, even across continents. Based on Azure Service Bus, it does not require any system activity on firewalls and assures maximum security.

The advantages of a so innovative approach are many, as for example:

- Start a new store IT or substitute a faulty PC in very short time and no specialized engineer.

- No store and HQ servers, but only standard low cost and low power PC

- Stores constantly connected and integrated with HQ systems and also open to partners cooperation.

- Near-real-time reception of of sales data form any store, with different languages, currencies and taxes.

- No investments but only a per seat and per store fee without any long term commitment.

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