Colligo Networks Inc.

Colligo Email Manager

by Colligo Networks Inc.

It is designed for today’s enterprise environments, delivering powerful email management tools to drive SharePoint adoption, increase productivity, streamline collaboration, and mitigate corporate risk.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook makes it fast and easy to manage email and attachments in SharePoint, from within the familiar Outlook interface.

- Improve collaboration, document management, and project management
- Increase the quantity of content captured and tagged in SharePoint
- Reduce corporate risk, and improve compliance and records retention
- Reduce uncontrolled content in personal archives and PSTs
- Drive SharePoint adoption by improving ease of use

Supports SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and Office 365

Colligo Email Manager Features:

- File
Drive SharePoint adoption and increase efficiency with seamless SharePoint/Outlook integration

- Tag
Increase compliance and streamline collaboration with industry-leading metadata capabilities

- Find
Improve discoverability and accelerate business processes with federated search

- View
Expose SharePoint content within Outlook, simply by clicking on any SharePoint folder in Outlook folder tree. Files, lists, libraries and other content are immediately visible in a web browser-style view and can be browsed and opened. All of the familiar SharePoint features are available, such as check in/check-out and record declaration.

- Share
Streamline collaboration, reduce storage costs, and promote SharePoint for enterprise content management

- Launchpad
Add icons to the Outlook 2010 ribbon, for one-click access to frequently-used websites, favorite social networking sites, and web applications, right within Outlook.

- Connect
Save time and improve discoverability with Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Support

- Manage
Increase IT efficiency and reduce costs with centralized administration through Colligo Administrator (optional)

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