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GETMORE HRM (Human Resource Management) is based on the proven framework of the GETMORE System. The basic features include evaluation and development of staff competence, setting the competency models, management, and records of employee training, motivation and evaluation of their satisfaction with the employer. We help our customers reduce the cost of training and recruitment as well as reduce fluctuation, as well as get a different certification such as Investors In People (IIP). The application contains elements of Learning Management System (LMS) in the form of training and real tests. There are extensive filtering and graphical displays of data in the GETMORE application.

At the base there is the GETMORE System (GMS), which makes the next implementations simple. It is not therefore a typical "box" system, however much of the system can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs or custom implements. Of course, as the part of the implementation, there is possible migration from the original customer data (Oracle, MSSQL, CSV and other data sources), training users, preparing manuals, etc. Optionally, you can connect with other system modules: Getmore as CRM, Workflow, HR management etc.

Technical Description: GETMORE system is a web application written in pure ASP.NET (C #) using Microsoft SQL Server database. As a platform for running you can also select Microsoft Azure.

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