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Add functionality to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with our easy to use mBank solution. mBank allows you to automatically validate any New Zealand bank account number, correctly format the number and auto-fill bank and branch details. You will create efficiency while maintaining accurate, quality data.

Save Time

You can save time with reduced data entry requirements. Our mBank solution allows you to enter a bank account number into any form and this tool will automatically fill the Bank and Branch details as well as ensuring the number is correctly formatted. Validation of the account number will also allow you to avoid time consuming errors.

Maintain Accuracy

Laborious manual calculation and input leaves room for error to creep in which in turn can negatively affect your organisation in many ways. This reliable tool will greatly reduce the risk and likelihood of error and you will add value to your organisation by maintaining and delivering accurate information through validation of bank account details.

Consistent Formatting

With several individuals from one organisation, working in one system it is common for inconsistency to creep in. Different people have varying habits of data entry which results in variation of information within your Dynamics CRM system. Our mBank solution eliminates some of this by automatically updating the bank account number into a consistent format.

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