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INIXINDO was founded on July 15, 1991, by Dipl. Inf. Ifik Arifin, and operating as an independent corporation. Previously, the business was part of PANASATEK Corp., a prominent national PC Manufacturer in Indonesia.
In this new economy era, all corporations without a doubt, relying the success of their IT implementation to support as well as enable the business. However, companies/organizations will not be able to successfully implement IT without proper support from highly skilled and knowledgeable human resources.

INIXINDO was born to resolve this issue and grows with the mission to facilitate IT professionals to improve their skills and knowledge that helps them develops and operates computer-based information system.
INIXINDO provides learning services for IT professionals using various techniques and concepts that help them accelerate their learning process to master a particular technology. INIXINDO has trained more than 15,000 IT professionals from more than 500 national and multinational companies. Overall, outstanding result that has been achieved by INIXINDO is a reflection of commitment for consistent quality.

Our mission is to become catalyst for IT professionals to implement IT better, faster and in an efficient way. We believe that IT is dynamic and every individuals and companies that have direct or indirect relation with IT are required to continuously learn and keep monitoring latest technology development. "Continuous Learning and Keep Up-To-Date" is our motto and we always express our motto to inspire all partners and customers.
We are aiming to be world-class IT Learning and Career Advancement Center in the region providing a unique learning service both to our corporate and individual customers.

Inixindo areas Expertise listed below :
• Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
• Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
• Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8

Benefits for Learning in Inixindo :

• Caring, that's what we're all about
• Holistic approach of Learning
• Learn from the source
• Learn from the Best
• Improved overall quality
• Improved competitiveness
• Improved productivity per staff
• Improved customer satisfaction
• Broadening the range of worker’s tasks
• Meeting a shortage of qualified labor
• Implementation of new ideas
• Improved understanding of new technologies
• Remediation of worker’s inadequate pre-em

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