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50211: Creating Object-Oriented Solutions using C#

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Working with an object-oriented language is a must have skill in today's business world. Most introductory language courses focus on the syntax, libraries, and tools of the language but fail to explain the most important aspect: How to effectively use the language to solve business problems.

This four-day course provides students with the knowledge, principles and skills to design software solutions using Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Studio. Along the way, you will use the tools, learn the syntax, and gain experience with the core libraries that you will use every day in your development. The course is heavily hands-on, and provides the students ample opportunity to practice using the knowledge and skills in the context of creating an application. Students will be exposed to principles and best practices for creating maintainable, extensible software.

This course is intended for developers with some prior programming experience who are interested in learning to program well using C# and Microsoft.NET.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
- Explain Coupling and Cohesion
- Use polymorphism to create flexible solutions
- Explain the concepts of generalization and specialization
- Understand when to and [more importantly] when not to use inheritance
- Implement inheritance and use interfaces in C#
- Assign responsibilities to classes to make the solution flexible, extensible, and maintainable
- Select candidate objects and classes
- Define classes, methods, and properties
- Group classes into namespaces and assemblies
- Debug and troubleshoot a .NET application
- Create unit tests using Microsoft MSTest testing framework
- Create Visual Studio Solutions and Projects
- Manage project and library references in Visual Studio
- Use ADO.NET to connect to a database
- Create a basic Windows Forms or WPF application
- Create a basic ASP .NET web page

All training participants will receive Microsoft official courseware and completion certificate.

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