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Desktop Transformation Solution (Desktop and Workplace Infrastructure)

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Avanade’s Desktop Transformation solution significantly lowers IT operating costs by streamlining the delivery and maintenance of desktop applications and simplifying the process of desktop migrations. Desktop Transformation reduces many of the burdensome costs of IT management in a large enterprise and allows your IT department to focus time and resources on more strategic company objectives. We will work with you to create a cost-effective infrastructure upgrade strategy, whether you need Desktop Transformation services or want to start using or upgrade to the next version of Microsoft® Windows, Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server, Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft® Office Communications Server. Plus, take advantage of our innovative 360-degree virtualisation services that cover everything from the data centre to the desktop to standardise the desktop environment and minimise application migration issues. Desktop transformation can help you:

- Implement a service catalogue which delivers a predictable, role-based and on-demand end-user experience.

- Eliminate “application sprawl” that forces you to pay for unused or underused applications.

- Reduce the cost of licensing and maintaining redundant applications, two applications that perform the same function.

- Design a hardware refresh strategy that ensures your employees have what they need and optimises the use of your capital budget.

- Reduce the cost of managing and maintaining desktops throughout a globally-distributed enterprise.

- Utilise desktop and application virtualisation technologies to improve IT flexibility, automate provisioning and reduce operating expenses.

- Align desktop platforms, applications and virtualisation technologies to the worker segments which yield the highest return on investment.

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