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Sarana Solusindo Informatika

Security Assessment

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Data loss, electronic snooping, hacker attacks, unauthorized access, stolen password, denial of service—these are just a few of the security issues businesses face today. And with the advent to access and transmit data via the internet, businesses are now forced to re-examine their security infrastructure. Especially if you are now compelled to open your systems to customers, partners, and suppliers in order to maintain a competitive IT advantage. But, an incomplete and outdated security solution can put your information resources at risk—to avert this, your network environment must be secure.

Our Services
A comprehensive security review and assessment of a current security environment. Security exposures and risks are identified within a customer's policies, processes, procedures, networks, and systems. This gives the customer the benefit of an outside security review of their environment which analyzes and measures their level of security versus industry standards and best practices. This high-level evaluation to provide a representative list of vulnerabilities, risks, and requirements, and not an exhaustive list. We help you put a plan in place to minimize the financial impact of a security breech or virus outbreak, and rapidly return affected employees to full productivity. Whether you require a security posture snapshot, or an objective, in-depth risk assessment, our security experts identify problems and provide realistic solutions.

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