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TEMENOS Insight (Insight) is a browser-based business intelligence and reporting solution running on Microsoft SQL Server 2008, fully integrated with T24 to work without the need for extensive consultation, data mapping, or development. Insight imports T24 data and presents this information to users within a business area and category structure that reflects the way in which your bank operates. Information can be viewed in a number of ways including via the Insight browser, as spreadsheet data, and analysed in multi-dimensional pivot tables.

Temenos Insight provides you with industry-leading financial management and reporting that covers balance sheet, profit & loss account, budgetary reporting and securities data. It is a browser-based business intelligence software tool that is fully integrated with the Temenos T24 core banking system and delivers pre-configured key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboard graphics, reports and enquiries that improve the accuracy of your decision-making.

Insight is a modular application, with Insight Base being a prerequisite for the other modules.

Insight Base
Insight Base provides a browser-based approach to management reporting that is flexible and intuitive for users.

Insight Analyser
The Insight Analyser module extends the reporting time period of Insight Base beyond monthly data to annual data.

Insight Profitability
Insight Profitability enables a more in-depth look at profitability, from a management information rather than an accounting perspective.

Insight Publisher
Insight Publisher is a business performance management tool.

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