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K3 Retail

K3's eCommerce Solution (NAV-to-NET Reseller)

by K3 Retail

K3's integrated e-Commerce Solution developed exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics NAV empowers organizations with business agility through rapid reliable e-commerce transactions, reduced maintenance costs and improved customer online experience.

Utilising Nav-to-Net you will be able to manage your e-commerce website from Microsoft Dynamics NAV with minimal web development resources. This means that new sales prices can be deployed, quickly and cost effectively, as soon as they are defined. Nav-to-Net dynamically publishes any changes made in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the website instantly – no manual synchronization is needed.

Using the Nav-to-Net solution K3 have implemented multiple ecommerce solutions. Forming part of our Multi-Channel platform, Nav-to-Net plays a key part in ensuring our retail customers can reach their customer in multiple channels. Leveraging the framework provided in Nav-To-Net data which is held centrally can be deployed and used across any sales channel within the business. Use the same data to drive your ecommerce site, your mobile app, your kiosk and CRM activity.

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