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LookupPoint is a compelling advance in productivity technology which brings together the worlds of business productivity applications (Microsoft Office) and back-end information systems so that even casual users can access difficult-to-find information.
LookupPoint is a productivity tool that enables users to simply mouse over a business item in an Outlook email, Word document or Excel spread sheet and LookupPoint will return the relevant business information aggregated in an information panel directly in Microsoft Office. LookupPoint empowers users to make better decisions by providing relevant and aggregated business information in a familiar and secure environment. LookupPoint harnesses the capabilities of Microsoft Office to combine information from multiple data sources. By providing simple and timely access to relevant, contextual business information, LookupPoint empowers every user to make better decisions more efficiently. LookupPoint is a server based and a zero client install.
With one simple solution LookupPoint helps organisations:

- Explore information intuitively. Drill down to the lowest level of detail for quick answers.
- Aggregate information from multiple data sources and access it in one easy-to-use panel within any Microsoft Office application.
- Empower users to make better decisions more efficiently by providing simple and timely access to relevant, contextual business information.
- Improve corporate process compliance by providing rapid and easy access to data held in business information systems.
- Increase overall productivity by lessening time wasted in searching for information.
- Reduce employee training costs by eliminating the need to train non-specialist staff in back-end systems.

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