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Microsoft Windows Azure - Ergo Dog Licensing System

by Ergo

Ergo possess a large highly skilled team of software developers who deliver functionally efficient, innovative solutions that enable businesses to achieve increased productivity and reduced costs by maximizing and utilizing the power of the Microsoft Azure technology stack.

Ergo has developed an innovative online system, to revolutionise dog licensing in Ireland, dramatically improving efficiencies and saving Council’s thousands of Euro by automating and streamlining their dog licensing process.

Ergo’s online Dog Licensing Solution was built using some of the latest Microsoft technologies including .NET 4.0, Windows Azure and SQL Azure.

Using Ergo’s online Dog Licensing System, Councils save thousands annually by allowing dog owners to manage their dog licence applications online, providing an improved and more convenient service to the end-user. From the dog owner’s point of view, the online system allows the owners to apply, pay for and receive their dog licence online within minutes.

Offaly County Council was the first Council in Ireland to use Ergo’s cloud-based solution for dog licences, cutting back on administration costs and saving time, replacing a convoluted paper trail that struggles with up to 400 applications a month. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, the Ergo dog licence application is e-Government at its best, helping local councils do more with less while giving citizens a better service.

This model can be adapted to many more administrative processes and extended across national as well as the local government. Cloud-based solutions remove the headache of managing back office systems and processes.

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