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Smart ebusiness strategies can elevate business performance – it’s a simple fact.

At Storm our eBusiness Practice is dedicated to helping clients design and implement ebusiness strategies that are the right fit for their organization.

Our solutions are based on Microsoft technologies and our team has a thorough understanding of all things “e” – from devising smart strategies to designing the technical architecture that will make those strategies work.

Our services include:

- ebusiness strategy definition and development
- Business process review and re-design
- Designing flexible and modular ebusiness architecture
- Internal and external system integration
- Design of web-based user interfaces, security protocols and access rights
- Design and development of metrics, scorecards, reports and business intelligence to track and monitor ebusiness performance.

Our solutions are used by clients across the nation operating in a diversity of sectors. For example:-

- Our Online Sales Solution is used to manage the end-to-end e-sales cycle for complex products by one of the world’s largest technology providers

- Our Online Care Agency Records Management Application (CARMA) is used to manage every aspect of patient care by leading care providers

- Our Sales Channel Optimization solution is used by leading utilities companies to drive frontline sales performance and customer satisfaction for high value accounts

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