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North52 Formula Manager

by North52
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Business Application Development
  • Works With

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

Our flagship product N52 Formula Manager allows for the creation & execution of dynamic custom formulas with CRM 2011.

Includes Function Library & Excel-Like Formula Language:
There are a range of built-in functions for string, math, date/time, & logical operations all similar to those in Excel. These formulas operate on standard and custom fields in CRM. e.g.

Commission = [Opportunity.Revenue] * [Opportunity.CommissionRate]

Real-Time Results:
Formulas are calculated in real time for every request, so they are guaranteed to always be up-to-date.

Powerful Conditional Logic:
The formula language provides powerful IF, AND, OR, IN functions, giving users the ability to embed application logic right in their formula fields. So a commission formula could calculate an amount only if an opportunity’s status is won else display zero for lost.

Native Controls and Wizards:
Native MS CRM controls deliver a familiar point-and-click customization tool. N52 Formula Manager provides a rich, interactive environment for defining formulas. It was designed with business users & administrators from day one to ensure ease of use.

Formula Types:
Auto Number; Display Alert; Calculated Field; Client Side Perform Action; Client Side Calculation; Calculated Hyperlink; Dialog; Notification (Critical, Warning, Information); Save To Child Records; Save to Current Record; Save to Parent Record; Save Perform Action; Validation; Workflow.

Free Standard Edition:
Full product functionality but with a usage limit of 10 formulas. Works on Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premise, Hosted & Online

Professional Edition:
Same as the Standard Edition but with a usage limit of 100 formulas.

Enterprise Edition:
Same as the Standard Edition but comes with unlimited usage.

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  • Overall Rating 4.5 stars

Great tool for all who want some more without direct coding

Reviewed by:AndersJeppesen Reviewed on:21/03/2014

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

North52 Simplifies CRM Customization for us

Reviewed by:JoyceMGray Reviewed on:09/01/2014

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

An absolute must have for any Dynamics CRM implementation

Reviewed by:Yaronfn Reviewed on:18/10/2013

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