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iFamily (0 Reviews)
Aspen iAgent is a web-based REO property management system for real estate agents, that allows you to manage your sales and property management tasks in a secure environment. Aspen iProperty is an REO...
Version: 4.20
Central System Monitor (0 Reviews)
The Central System Monitor monitors all modules that compose the Arta platform. It monitors system events, status and performance, and offers as such a central general overview of the complete Arta...
Release Date: 04/06/2014
Version: 9.00.00
CogFinServe a AI based Low Latency Algo Trading Platform (0 Reviews)
CogFinServe is a AI based Self learning Algorithmic Trading Platform with built in features for optimizations and Low latency trading. CogFinServe with Integrated CogMessaging Platform provides ultrafast...
Release Date: 22/01/2010
Version: v5.432.101
Cognosys Sales & CRM solutions (0 Reviews)
Cognosys CRM is designed for Managers who dont have time to spend months trying to learn how to operate a CRM solution.with Builtin KPI, Business Intelligence- Dashboards and drill down Reports,Cog CRM is...
Release Date: 26/01/2012
Version: 4.505
colima Cerebro (0 Reviews)
Cerebro – Round off your Lync server Cerebro is a very easy-to-use, modular application. This product offers entirely new, smart productivity-enhancing functions including many functions requested by...
Easy Claims Auto (0 Reviews)
Easy Claims Auto (ECA), is a claims management system for car damages, that ensures a automatized fast track to preferred car repair shops. Our Auto solution has also designed a customized version for the...
Release Date: 01/06/2003
Exchange Mail Routing for Government Connect (GCSx) with messageconcept ExSBR (0 Reviews)
The GCSx Challenge To match the requirements of UK Government Connect Code of Connection certain mails between authorities have to be sent using the Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSx). So two...
FWi Cloud Services (0 Reviews)
Over almost a decade, Four Winds Interactive has become one of the premiere digital signage solution providers in the world. Having implemented some of the largest and most innovative signage networks,...
Release Date: 31/10/2013
Lenticular (0 Reviews)
Lenticular is a cloud-hosted, location and non-location based community centric Platform as a Service (PaaS) application. It engages communities and niche audiences and features user and content...
Release Date: 14/08/2013
Version: 1
Low Latency Messaging Service (0 Reviews)
Cognosys Technologies Low Latency Messaging Service: Market Data Distribution solution caters to millions of end users and gives ultra fast real time data access. The Low Latency Messaging Service is...
Release Date: 20/10/2011
Version: V110.12