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ConsultCRM: Excel Data Import Tool (0 Reviews)
The Excel Import Tool for Microsoft CRM is the ideal enhancement for users of CRM who import data on a regular basis. Simple drag and drop between CRM Entities/Fields and Excel cells speeds the mapping...
Release Date: 29/11/2011
Version: v5.1
Business Management Solutions from ProStrategy Colman
ProStrategy Colman are a leading Irish business and information technology company with offices in Dublin and Cork. ProStrategy Colman specialise in delivering quality and robust performance and business...
Index WMS (0 Reviews)
Our Warehouse Management Systems and Supply Chain Solutions optimise warehouse performance and profitability.   They comply with the 5 key features of 'Full WMS' as identified by industry...
Project Management Collaboration Portal (0 Reviews)
I.T. Alliance helped a large International Energy Company implement a new Project Management Office for managing their large scale Capital Generation projects. Within that contract of work, a technical...
Release Date: 14/06/2011
Version: 1
SharePoint Enhancements (0 Reviews)
Add proven Document management & Compliance capability to SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint provides organisations with a strong platform for collaboration. However, in business critical environments...
Release Date: 05/03/2012
Version: 2.3
SP Project TAG-365 (0 Reviews)
Office365 and in particular SharePoint Online has opened up a wealth of capabilities for small to medium sized organisations. Every organisation manages projects on a regular basis and SharePoint Online...
Release Date: 06/07/2011
Version: 1.4
XLTest Spreadsheet Auditing Add-in (0 Reviews)
XLTest helps you to check the integrity of your spreadsheets. Its colour maps of the worksheets give you a visual overview that enables you to very quickly see inconsistencies. Its detailed listings are...
Release Date: 02/01/2012
Version: 1.31
Ablebits.com Ultimate Suite for Excel (0 Reviews)
The AbleBits.com Ultimate Suite for Microsoft Excel a complete set of 20+ smart tools which automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks that Excel users usually perform manually. The Ultimate Suite...
Release Date: 10/06/2013
Version: 2013,3
Actual Contacts for Outlook (0 Reviews)
Actual Contacts for Outlook is an add-in for updating your address book and monitoring validity of e-mail addresses in contacts. Select the contacts you would like to update, and add-in for Oulook will...
Add Contacts (0 Reviews)
Add Contacts is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that automatically adds e-mail addresses to the contact folder when you reply to a message and/or send a new message. This add-on for Microsoft Outlook...