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Spanish Point Technologies

Custom Development

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Spanish Point consists of a team of highly talented software architects with over 13 years’ experience in developing solutions based on the Microsoft Platform. We implement, design and manage the construction of software using a combination of off-the-shelf technologies and custom software development. We employ a dedicated off-shore development capability working with Dublin based software architects, project managers and technical consultants. This offers our clients the advantages of an expert local IT supplier combined with the cost economies of off-shore development.
Why Us?
Our expertise in custom application development, and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft applications and software, is invaluable to any company. We are well positioned to deal with any IT challenge you may be faced with, no matter what type of solution it may require.
We have successfully delivered custom development projects ranging from tens to thousands of man days in the financial services, public sector and life sciences industries.
We and our customers have won awards and been showcased on many occasions. We start each project with the goal of finding innovations that shorten the development effort and increase the solution’s functionality.
Our custom software development projects begin with our software architects, who work with the clients to understand the business requirement. They investigate the options available and identify the most effective solution.
Our systems analysts then define the detailed functional need. Together they will draw up a solution delivery document and will offer you a range of build options from fixed priced to time and materials.

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