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Web Design for SharePoint Sites and Templates

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Professionally Designed SharePoint Sites
Using the best in web design techniques, ISC can apply your own style and brand to your SharePoint sites to deliver a rich user experience, while also using other best-practice considerations including accessibility and usability.

Control and Streamline the "Look and Feel"
Instead of a varied mix of SharePoint sites across your organisation, ISC can create a set of professionally designed templates for use across your SharePoint system that reflects your own brand and style.

Increase User Adoption Rates
A SharePoint system may be deployed technically correct but like any system it is a high level of user adoption that makes it a success. Consider how attractive your system is to a user, how easy it is to find information and how simple it is to interact with.

Applying professional web design to a SharePoint system does not need to be a large project and the effort delivers great rewards if you consider user adoption to be beneficial. A typical project working with our Web Design and SharePoint Teams requires 10 days from start to finish.

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