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Websites: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites

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Websites Built on SharePoint Technology
Using modern design techniques and web 2.0 functionality; we build impactful SharePoint sites with a rich user experience to effectively deliver content and marketing messages. We endeavour to create state-of-the-art web sites that are the ultimate union of functionality, usability, electronic art and content delivery.

- User adoption
Improve usability and user-friendliness with interactive and communicative designs.

- Apply the design to your Intranet
Carry the rich user experience to your intranet and extranet and streamline your corporate brand using pre-existing templates.

- One easy to use CMS
As a CMS, SharePoint uses the familiar Microsoft interface, making it an efficient system for content owners to work with.

- Quickly Launch Sites
Rapidly deploy sites for advertising and promotional activities.

- One single platform
SharePoint provides one central manageable platform for websites, intranets, extranets and portals.

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