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1KEY Business Intelligence - Reporting and Analytics Software

by MAIA Intelligence

MAIA Intelligence has a proven track record of delivering efficient and affordable BI reporting solutions for leading enterprises. We reduce the overall TCO associated with deploying BI reporting applications.

1KEY Business Intelligence – Features

- Easy to deploy
- Accommodates thousands of users
- Connects multiple applications
- Integrates disparate data sources
- Visually-stunning, multi-formatted, and flexible cross-functional reports and analytics
- Powerful query, analysis, and reporting capabilities
- Users can drill down, sort, filter, group, alert, and schedule reports
- Access to data locked in transactional systems
- Leverages information from existing data stores
- Export reports to applications such as Excel, HTML, XML, and PDF - Extract, transform and load data from any source
- Manages data on Web servers, legacy systems, operational systems, diverse data stores and applications
- Implemented on DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and so on
- Flexibility to analyze data and create reports
- Create tables and cross tabulations of input and output data
- Charts and diagrams to report business performance
- Schedule reports for exporting to disk or delivery though email
- Simple graphical interface to build SQL statements

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