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01. Marketing, Sales and Contact Management across any industry to manage clients, customer portfolio, support, service, products, sales employees, invoice, campaign and survey

02. Invoicing
03. Group Campaign
04. Event Scheduling
05. Task Management and Employee Management
06. Expense Management
07. Survey
08. Document Management

Your customer might be –
- a product or service buying customer or
- a Patient for a doctor or
- a student for an educational institute or
- a Tenant or buyer for a real estate agent or
- a criminal for a Police or
- citizens for a City Corporation,
- taxpayer for the Tax office or
- Local Residents for a Post office or
- Members for a club or
- horses for the Turf Club or
- Companies for the Stock Market or
- share holders for a company or
- Loan takers for a Bank or Funding companies or
- list of Twitter followers, list of LinkedIn contacts, list of Facebook followers, list of Google Plus Followers or List of Pinterest Followers.

It can be any entity in which you are interested in, for any industry segment. ACE Contact Manager has the flexibility to manage any type of contacts in any segment with your own language and your own currency.

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