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Chella Software Private Limited

ActiveDeal - Treasury Management System

by Chella Software Private Limited

The ActiveDeal – Central Treasury Management solution is an enterprise class system that can manage the central treasury of a large conglomerate with deals several billion dollars in size. This solution enables leveraging of economies of scale across group companies, and internal matching of funding needs translating into significant savings across the group.

- Supports transactions with external counterparties as well as with group companies across money market, forex, equities, debt, funds, derivatives and structured notes
- Maintains portfolios for each company with detailed securities inventory and reconciliation
- Interfaces with dealing and accounting systems of individual companies, eliminating the need for duplicate deal entries
- Supports standard interfaces with data vendors and exchanges
- Supports netting of cash settlements in multiple currencies
- Posts accounting entries for each company in its base currency
- Maintains accounts for the central treasury allowing it to be run as a profit center
- Offers powerful risk analytics as an optional component

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