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BankFlex is an ultra-modern multi-channel banking solution that empowers banks to rapidly maximise the value of their customer relationships across multiple channels in a uniquely stable, flexible, secure and low-cost environment.

BankFlex delivers and supports Internet, e-Corporate, Mobile and Teller banking solutions that are massively flexible across channels and business products, creating a unified customer experience with significantly lower costs of implementation and ownership, allowing you to respond faster to new opportunities and competitive pressures while at the same time increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.

For banks the ability to strategically position themselves for future growth and to respond to increasingly intense competitive pressures is essential. Yet for many banks strategic ambition is constrained by outdated or inappropriate systems and technology. Additionally, finding a trusted technology and business partner to help specify, implement and support the roll-out of new products and new channels is often problematic.

BankFlex allows technologists or business managers in banks with broken or aging systems or who need to quickly roll out a flexible new channel, to rapidly deliver cost-effective, flexible and secure multi-channel banking solution.

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