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Compliance Monitoring System (CMS+)

by Alpha Plus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

CMS+ Features:

- Places strong foundation to follow the regulations of Basel II
- Makes required internal controls meaningful and measurable even in organizations with 200,000 strong workforces
- Defines responsibilities for compliance certification and monitoring
- Ensures group or enterprise-wide compliance program through entity-wise notification and escalation of compliance regulations
- Comes with Indian Banking rules and regulations translated into actionable items
- Suitable for monitoring compliance in any industry or vertical

Key Benefits:

- Effectively manages Compliance Risk and Reputational Risk which are important integrated enterprise-wide risk management system
- Powerful tool for Independent Directors and key Management functionaries to track compliance while at home, private office or within the organization
- Provides analytical compliance, non-compliance reports, and risk assessment reports
- Facilitates circulation of Compliance Failure Reports
- Integrates with Regulatory and Statutory procedures and processes
- Imbibes healthy compliance culture within the organization
- Makes Corporate Governance, Periodic compliance evaluation and reviews easy
- Fulfils regulatory requirements
- Monitors mechanism for compliance testing procedures
- Handy tool for internal auditors to monitor
- Live compliance monitoring across the organization or group
- Completely decentralized self-manageable IT independent system
- Investment in CMS+ buy peace of mind for Directors, Top Executives and Compliance Officer

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