Jean-Pierre Gutsatz

Data Management Center

by Jean-Pierre Gutsatz

DBMS to work on data (Flat Files and SQL) across most popular databases :

MsSQL MySQL Postgre DB2 Pervasive SQLAnywhere Firebird Oracle Mimer Access Excel HyperFiles

Topspeed (TPS) - Clarion (DAT) - DBase Foxpro Clipper (DBF) - ASCII Files (CSV TXT) - system DSN

Complete viewing - cloning - database conversion migration tool ensuring data reliability & integrity

Works at Table or DataBase or Folder Level (Multiple Tables Tasks) convert database - database migration

Complete Set of Data Transfer Mapping Options (including SQL External Table lookups for Parent-Child relations)

Powerful Multi Format Blob Viewer (PDF - Images - Videos - SWF - .doc - . xls - RTF - HTML - XML - Text)

Knowledge of SQL syntax is NOT required (even during database conversions or sql conversion)

Runtime engine : distribute to your end-users and process saved Tasks & Projects directly from your application

SQL DataBase Backup : generate a complete set of sql scripts zipped encrypted and uploaded through FTP

SQL DataBase Clone : generate a complete set of sql scripts and execute them in one task (inter sql's)

Compare STRUCTURES between a Tps-Dat-SQL Table to another Tps-Dat-SQL Table

Compare STRUCTURES between a complete SQL DataBase to another SQL DataBase

Compare STRUCTURES between an SQL Table and Multiple SQL Tables (inter-schema compares)

Work localy or on distant servers in all CHARSETS (user selection)

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