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Document Management System using Sharepoint Technologies

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    Content Management, Document Management
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    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
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    General - Applicable to All

This Application works with SharePoint Online, a part of Office365.

One Application which has played a huge role in the popularity of SharePoint Technologies is Document Management System (DMS). Whether you are a small Company with 5 Computers or a large Enterprise with hundreds and thousands of Computers, managing Documents is an important task. Traditionally, the only way Companies managed Documents was to store them in My Documents folder of their PC or on their File Server under Folders. But SharePoint Technologies allows Companies to do a much better Management of Documents. In fact the features available in SharePoint make it a better DMS when compared to dedicated Document Management Systems. No wonder Companies are moving to SharePoint Technologies in order to manage their Documents.

Given below is a summary of some of the features available in SharePoint Technologies which make it an excellent choice as a Document Management System:

- Create Multiple Team Sites with permissions
- Setup Document Workflow
- Support Online editing of Office Documents
- Connect Document Library to Outlook
- Document Alerts
- Document Search
- Document Protection
- Information Rights Management
- Major & Minor versioning (add version column)
- Configure permissions for files and folders
- Restore from Recycle Bin
- Send To
- Other Location
- Email link
- Create Document Workspace
- Download a copy
- Document Check out and Check in
- Create Customized Templates for Document Library
- View RSS feeds for Document Library

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