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Dynamic Space Manager - Microsoft Dynamics xRM

by Compusoft

The Dynamic Space Manager helps the customer to optimize the usage of available infrastructure. The solution allocates available spaces to business users within the organisation and manages the utilities available at each premise / workstation / room. The Dynamic Space manager has a graphical interface of the layout of the premise within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The layout is created in Microsoft Visio and published online using within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

The users can send their request online on a portal or through mail to the infrastructure manager for space allocation. The entire approval process is defined in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Once the infrastructure team allots space a request is sent to appropriate internal teams for activation of data ports / voice ports, etc. for the space allotted. The process of release of workspaces and transfers can also be managed within the solution.

The entire floor layout can be directly imported from AutoCAD drawing into Microsoft Visio. The floor layout visual interface is distinguished clearly based on status of space. Empty spaces are highlighted using specific colour codes. Each department / company / project is allocated unique colours for display in Visio layout.

The Infrastructure team can evaluate the empty space in the graphical interface using the colour codes and allot the space as per request from the graphical interface itself. At the end of specific period the infrastructure team can ascertained the space utilised by each department / project / company and invoice the same accordingly.

The solution helped the customer in optimizing the entire space allocation process and brought transparency to the process. The graphical interface gave a clear understanding of the premise status. The satisfaction of the infrastructure team and business users increased considerably.

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