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Employee Benefits Portal GMC

by exegesis infotech india pvt ltd

An online web based portal which would allow a Health Insurance Broking firm to carry out the following activities for its corporate customer employees -

1.) Online Enrollment in policy
2.) Endorsements - additions, deletions
3.) CD Account Management
4.) Reimbursement Claim Management
5.) Grievance Management (communication module)
6.) TPA Cards
7.) Cashless uploads

The above tasks are feasible since the software has an inbuilt capability to allow set up of the Health policy customized to each corporate based on the following parameters -

1.) Relationships allowed in a policy
2.) Age limits for each relationship allowed
3.) Floater or Individual Sum insured
4.) Sum insured based on employee grade
5.) Premium Matrix
6.) Premium break-up, Emp / Corporate contribution
7.) Top Up
8.) Employee Premium payment by payment gateway

The portal also allows the HR of the corporate a login wherein they can be provided customized reports, as well as history of any grievance of an employee which has been long pending.

The portal also has the capability to pull out the claim status of an employee based on the web service integration kit provided by the respective TPA

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