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IT Services – Business Intelligence

by Tavant Technologies

Build better insight into your business, convert data from Legacy systems to a data warehouse. At Tavant, we provide data conversion from Legacy systems to building a complete data warehouse. This can provide your organization with better insight and visibility into the business and thus help you realize the business growth and benefits.

Legacy systems often have very scattered, units of data, which do not have easily retrievable mechanisms. In today's fast-paced competitive environment, it is essential to have a centralized repository of data with easy accessibility. This could mean reduction in the time spent in searching for relevant information in the database.

Our in-depth understanding of business intelligence systems makes us a preferred partner of choice in building comprehensive Data warehousing systems.

At Tavant, our key competency in Data warehousing lies in our ability for analyzing and gathering the business intelligence and data warehousing requirements.

We provide a dimensional model for data warehouse, with Data Mart and Enterprise Data Warehouse design. With sound data migration strategies, implementation techniques as well as data quality testing we are able to build comprehensive Data warehousing systems.

With regards to our tools and technology expertise, we provide services in dimensional modeling, meta data management, Data Source Analysis Expertise in SQL Loader, Oracle, Sybase, Flat Files, COBOL Files and Excel Files, ETL Using Informatics, Oracle PL and SQL, SQL Loader, DTS Packages, BI, or OLAP Using Business Objects.

We also provide services in Data Quality testing using Beyond Compare, DB Diff, and utility scripts.

Our Data warehousing implementation process includes:

- Program Charter
- Project Plan
- Business Architecture
- Analysis of Business Requirement
- Define Business Goal
- Data Architecture
- Analysis of Source Data Models
- Dimensional Modeling
- ETL Architecture
- Data Acquisition Process
- Data Transformation Process
- Data Transport and Load Process
- BI or DSS Architecture
- Business Oriented Meta Data
- OLAP or DSS Solution for Enterprise Analytics
- Operations
- Training Business users
- Data Refresh
- Handling Business Queries

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