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Janison Enterprise Learning System 7.2

by Janison

The Janison Enterprise Learning System (ELS), with its highly customisable interface, is a fully-featured solution for the hosting and provision of learning and training activities for any organisation.

Janison ELS is designed to provide a scalable system that is able provide a range of capabilities which grow with organisational needs as they evolve.

The primary features offered by Janison ELS include:
- Secure repository for learning content and/ or related online material
- Customised portal to provide access to all functions of the system and support multiple organisations with individual skins
- Catalogues of available content and training which can be browsed, searched and accessed via a calendar
- Course design tools and templates for creation of online content for storage within the ELS
- Assessment tools including online testing, assessments, dropbox and grade books
- Survey evaluation tools for both users and managers
- Collaboration tools including document libraries, blogs, discussions, online chats, audio and video conferencing
- Over 50 standard reports and an ad-hoc reporting system
- Completions, alerts and email notifications
- Training program management including waiting lists, event scheduling, eligibility criteria, multiple enrolment, automated enrolment workflows, entry and exit surveys and pre-enrolment assessment
- Competency management including training package synchronisation with NTIS, custom competency design tools, qualifications and competency expiry definitions
- Capability management allowing skill level recording
- Compliance management allowing competency and capability recording against users and their related organisation entities such position, role, profile and org unit
- Full support for multiple organisations with hierarchical org units, position definitions, profiles, roles and position classifications synchronised through automated connections to Active Director, LDAP or HR systems

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