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Nikira Fraud Management System

by Subex Ltd.

Nikira Fraud Management System is the next-generation fraud management solution built to deliver on a 3-step philosophy of Detect-Investigate-Protect.

Nikira detects known fraud types and patterns of unusual behavior, helps investigate these unusual patterns for potential fraud, and uses the knowledge, thus generated, to upgrade and protect against future intrusions.

Nikira is characterized by its unique architecture that harnesses the power of proven rules-based alarms and pattern matching driven by advanced statistical techniques. Adding power to this hybrid detection system is a set of potent case management tools. These tools provide relevant case data that are made easily accessible through a single window in a fast web-based GUI.

Nikira’s high flexibility allows operators of different sizes to customize rules to suit unique network and business requirements. A configurable workflow management tool integrates the investigation process with detection.

Nikira has the ability to detect fraud types in all telecom environments:

- Wire line (PSTN, ISP, and VoIP)
- Wireless (2G, 2.5G, and 3G)
- Across all services: postpaid, prepaid, VAS, MMS, and M-commerce

Following are the benefits:

- Provide future proof-detection techniques
- Guard against habitual offenders
- Ensure that pre-paid service is truly risk free
- Launch profitable IP-based services

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