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Accounts, Inventory Management System (AIMS) ERP Application

by Vritti Solutions Limited

Vritti Solutions has developed AIMS, an ERP application for retail and distribution business, disaster management system, and engineering applications. AIMS - Accounts, Inventory Management system - is suitable for the wholesale distributors of household products.
It helps in managing schemes, debit/credit notes. Thus, the application is appreciated by the organization having multi-location setup and willing to share ERP data. Advantage of our ERP application is that it enables users to work offline (local network,
laptop) when they are not connected to office network or office network is not connected to the central server. Features of ERP application for Retail and distribution business:

- Useful for the organizations having multiple locations of retail shops and centralized purchase and distribution

- Suits captive outlet and/or franchisee model

- Works in offline mode; no need to connect to the central servers now and then

- Built on VDIP (Vritti Document Interchange Protocol) to exchange information such as Purchase order, Sale invoices, Payment/receipt vouchers, Credit/debit notes, and so on

Features of ERP application for Disaster Management System:

- Built to support governance that take quick decisions in the eventuality of a disaster

- Collects huge amount of resource data

- Inbuilt damage assessment tool, tell about the areas affected by the disaster

- Provides quick access to resources information and helps contact a resource through SMS and telephone

- Dashboard prompts all critical activities

Features of ERP application for Engineering Applications:

- Automates the tooling dimension calculation from the product dimensions via DOAS

- Drawing Office Automation System

- Suits very well in a plant which are producing products like Bearings, Motors, Alternator, and so on

- Interface with various CAD applications like AutoCAD, Pro/E, Catia

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