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CionSystems Inc

Active Directory Manager Pro

by CionSystems Inc

The Active Directory Manager Pro is a comprehensive Web-based solution that increases security, improves productivity and automates User Provisioning and Group Management while proving compliance in Windows environments.

The Active Directory Manager Pro's robust and scalable feature set reduces the Windows Server and Active Directory infrastructure total cost of ownership (TCO) with time-saving point and click control.

The Active Directory Manager Pro adds the following benefits:

- Task approvals decrease errors and inconsistencies
- Automates the provisioning and deprovisioning process
- Schedule the tasks of adding and removing objects
- Monitor the execution of tasks
- Ability to accept or operations deny requests
- Temporary User and Group management and automation

What problems does it solve?

- Eliminates repetitive, routine or complex tasks associated with AD management
- Manage and report temporary user and group membership securely
- Automates scheduled management and reporting activities for IT Administrators
- Facilitates Single or Bulk creation, modification and deletion of AD objects
- Acts as an essential resource during Compliance Audits like SOX, HIPAA, PCI, etc
-Securely manage the full user lifecycle across multiple domains

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