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Business Intelligence Solution

by Harbinger TechAxes Pvt. Ltd.

TechAxes empowers an organization to plan, understand, integrate and leverage strategy, finance, operations and human resources — with a single Web-based application.

TechAxes delivers a new level of integration and turns data into impressive bottom-line results for:

- Multi-dimensional analysis

- Enterprise portal implementation

- Balance scorecard preparation

- Querying and reporting

- Digital dashboard preparation

- Business analysis

- Knowledge management visualization

The solution includes benchmarking, EVA, and TSR.

Finance Analytics:

- Budgeting

- Forecasting

- Consolidation

- Reporting and analysis

Operational Analytics:

- Sales

- Marketing

- Products

- Customers

- Supplier analytics

Human Resource Analytics:

- Employees

- HR processes analytics

Special Functional Analytics:

- Treasury

- Tax

- Legal

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